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Date Night - [Forte & Dirasu]


Dirasu blinked, looking over Forte in the new outfit she wore having been used to only seeing her in her armor. He couldn’t help but blush, finding his date to look nothing short of being gorgeous. “Uh— Uh—” he stammered, trying to think of what to say. “Flowers” that’s right Dirasu, you have flowers, good job for taking note. “N-No, the flowers, they uh—” he shoved them out towards her. “They’re for you. I dunno, I think your house already has enough but another bouquet couldn’t hurt, I guess …” he said with a nervous chuckle.

“Shall we go?”

Forte felt her face growing more red as she cupped her hand around her cheek, looking over her date and smiling rather cheerfully. Retracting her hand she reached for the flowers, nodding and bringing them up to her nose. “These smell lovely” she said with a slight chirp in her voice. “Ahh—please, excuse me for a moment. I’m just going to go” She pointed towards the flowers and then to the kitchen, “Put these in water!”

Returning back towards the door, she helped herself out, closing and locking the door behind her. She looked up towards the windows to see if Kiel was watching, too be honest she didn’t even know if he was still home. “After you.”

Date Night - [Forte & Dirasu]


Dirasu stood outside of Forte and Kiel’s home with a bouquet of wildflowers ranging from lupines to black-eyed susans to wild roses. Wearing a plain, white v-neck tee-shirt and a pair of blue jeans with his mess of periwinkle-colored hair thrown into a bun with a few strands of hair escaping, he debated on whether he should knock on the door and actually take Forte out or to just leave and go home. After all, Kiel remained him of what he truly was—a monster, and a monster living in a Human world at that.  And as much as he tried not to get the words of the man get to him, he couldn’t help but dwell and let the words sting him.

He didn’t see why Forte agreed to go on a date with him, out of pity, maybe. With all the negative things he had said about Humans, constantly teasing the knight, and even hurting her little brother there really was no reason for her to go out with him.

Swallowing, Dirasu decided that he really had nothing to lose and knocked on the door to the home, waiting for Forte to answer.

Hearing a knock at the front door, Forte went into hyper speed. She was keeping herself busy for the last fifteen minutes or so tieing at the multiple strings of her sandals. The weather was finally getting warmer, and Frey had insisted she dress different than her normal outfit. Apart from the leather woven shoes she had a simple dress, dark blue and hitting mid-thigh.

She raced down the stairs, brushing her fingers through her hair, which was down for once. “Coming!” she hollered, before pausing right at the front door. “….”

Letting her breathing steady to a natural pace, she opened the door, greeted by a handful of beautiful flowers that reminded her of the last. “Good evening..”




“Am I? Heh, I guess I should feel a little honored about that, shouldn’t I? … Anyways … ” gives her hand a small squeeze before letting it go. “I have to head back to the Cafe or Porcoline will sit on me if I don’t get back from my break in time but I’ll pick you up for our date tonight after your shift is finished. Sound alright?”

"Should you?" Flushes lightly, her smile growing more shy as their hands release. Eyes widen, her mouth turning into an ‘o’ and letting out a laugh. "Please, please, do leave then. I’ll be waiting for your arrival." Waves him off, before returning to her own post.



"I’m your family- and I will have my fucking say in this!" He yelled at her, very close to jumping up and forcing her from the room until he let out a very loud sigh of his own and pushed his bangs from his face, showing a large gash on his forehead. "This."

Immediately reaches forward to put a hand over his mouth, her face growing bright red from his choice of words. “Kiel!” Releases the grip after him showing much struggle, stopping to look at the wound. Becomes very serious, looking downwards and avoiding his eyes entirely. “…. how did this happen?” Shakes her head, getting up and walking quickly down the stairs and to their kitchen, grabbing an ice pack and taking her good ol’ time coming back to face the story.



Nodding along as she explains how difficult it was to show herself as a woman in her training, “hm … I can’t imagine it would be terribly easy to get into your profession as a woman … but you did it …” Gives a small, awkward smile, “there might be someone out there who marks you as their hero for doing such a task as you did.”

Smiles lightly, nodding. “Perhaps.. I could not be sure of that, for you are the only person I’ve ever told.”

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Midnight Call @Arthur/Forte



He nodded after hearing the whole explanation, frowning lightly as he followed after her towards the castle. “I see, I see… it is indeed strange. Clashing sounds alone are quite odd at these hours, does Sir Lest really stay up so late training?. Anyway, moans and cries… that sure is suspicious, and worrying—” blinks, waving his hand reassuringly “—n-not necesarily meaning it has to be a ghost lurking around the castle, I mean! Perhaps someone is in trouble, that is what is worrying!” Takes a moment to ponder on other possible causes before looking back at her, nodding with a more serious look “Alright, let’s hurry and find out!”

Nods at his question, frowning at the idea of Lest staying up till the wee hours of the morning, picturing him sleeping till noon the next day. “It is!” she blurted out, throwing her hands up high in the air. “It is a ghost, Arthur, I know it is.” Turns her hands into small, knit fists, her eyebrows coming together in a wrinkle. “No on will be troubling besides that horrible being! I—You as well, we have to be up early in the morning!” Picks up her speed to a light jog coming closer to the castle. Waves for him to follow after her, “Come around this way, towards the back entrance.”

Anonymous sent: Ever worry about the day you face an opponent with a blunt weapon? Forget yoour head being exposed--you're probably good enough to avoid those blows. But, that platemail just won't hold up to a strong hit from a mace .

“Now that Selphia is safe from attacks, I don’t let myself fear such things like that. While I am on duty around the Kingdom, I don’t need such protective armor, but of course when I do go out and know the circumstances are higher” motions towards her arms and chest. “I dress more appropriately.”

Chuckles, holding her hands in fists. “I am quite swift apart from that.”